Honesty. Character. How you act when no one's looking. These traits may seem old-fashioned to some people - not us. Integrity is the starting point, the prerequisite. It guides everything we do and what we look for in every founder we support.





Our founders are our customers. Our #1 priority. Our true north. When we invest, it’s because we have 100% conviction in the founders’ character, skills, and vision. We're huge fans of great entrepreneurs.




Partners in the startup journey

We’ve been founders ourselves so we know there will be major ups and downs. We never expect a smooth, upward path to success. We roll up our sleeves and solve problems alongside our founders.

We’re accessible and responsive. We do what we say we'll do. We don’t ghost.



We’re in this for the long run

Startups and venture are about the long game. Everything we do is geared towards creating long-term value. Same with our relationships - we invest time to build a foundation that will last many years.




100% transparency

From our investment process to our terms, to accessing our vast network, we’re an open book.

Life’s too short to play games - we’ll tell you what we’re thinking and why. We strongly believe open communication is the basis for any great relationship.