Maranda Manning

Maranda has a diverse background working with startups. Starting as an Associate for the Techstars Kansas City Program in 2015 and then as a Coordinator for the same program in 2016, she gained a world class education in all things start-ups. During these programs she was responsible for running the day to day operations for the program and ensuring that our portfolio companies were successful during their time in the Techstars program. It was during this program that her love for startups grew and she decided this industry would be her forever home.

In 2016 Maranda transitioned into the Director of Marketing at a Kansas City based startup, SquareOffs. As an early employee and a Marketing Department of one she learned quickly what it’s like to operate in a small organization and put in the work every day to ensure that the team was successful.  

After a year and a half at SquareOffs Maranda left to join Firebrand in early 2018 as an Associate. As part of a small team of three, her responsibilities cover a broad spectrum from helping our portfolio companies, to discovering new deal flow, engaging with startup communities around the country, and much more. There is nothing more rewarding than playing a small part in a company’s growth and she feels extremely grateful to be a part of the journey.

When Maranda isn’t working you can almost always find her doing something outdoors. Whether that's getting her hands dirty in her garden; training for her next half marathon; hiking and camping; or entertaining her hound dog, Wallace – Maranda loves a good adventure. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kansas in English Language and Literature.

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